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REPORT of the sitting of the Artistic Council of the XXXVIII BYDGOSZCZ  MUSICAL  IMPRESSIONS, Bydgoszcz, 2nd July, 2015

The jury consisting of:
Adrianna Poniecka-Piekutowska - chairlady, European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre
dr Bożena Lewandowska – Jagiellonian University
prof.dr hab. Piotr Sutt – Kazimierz Wielki University, Music Academy in Łódź
dr Richard Zielinski – University of Oklahoma

after hearing to 19 groups from 11 different countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, the Republic of South Africa, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland, participating in the contest have decided to award the following statutory prizes:



The Artistic Council would like to express our gratitude for the manager Joanna Busz – the main organizer of this artistic event and her associates. The conditions provided by the Youth Centre “Pałac Młodzieży” for the presentations of the artistic repertoires of the participants of XXXVIII BIM have contributed to their high performing level.
The artistic level of all groups from 11 countries deserves recognition and admiration.
The Jury would like to congratulate all the Managers and wish further artistic successes.




1. BELARUS - Folk orchestra KROPELKI, Minsk, manager Darya Fralova
2. BELARUS – instrumental group BREVIS, Minsk, manager Pavel Suragin
3. BUULGARIE - Folk dance group ROZOVA DOLINA, Karlovo, manager Miroslav Vassilev
4. CHINA - instrumental group NOVA FANTASIA, Ningbo, conductor Bo Ye
5. CZECH REPUBLIC – string orchestra , Marianskie Lazne, manager Eva Smrckova
6. CZECH REPUBLIC - JUNIOR DIXIELAND, Marianskie Lazne, manager Bedřich Smrcka
7. CYPRUS - FOLK MUSIC ORCHESTRA, Nicosia, conductor Ersin Kaşif
8. POLAND - BRASS BAND FURIOSO, Kozienice, manager Zdzisław Włodarski
9. POLAND - medieval music group ERATO, Gdynia, manager Barbara Czypul
10. POLAND – old music group INCALZANDO, Gdynia, manager Barbara Czypul
11. RPA - choir KWAZULU NATAL YOUTH CHOIR, Margate, conductor Gerard’d du Toit
12. SERBIA - folk dance group KUD TAMNAVA, Ub, manager Nemanja Jovanovic
13. TURKEY – choir ANATOLIAN VOICES, Ankara, conductor t Dilek KÖSEOĞLU
14. UKRAINA - children choir GLORIA, Zhytomir, conductor Nataliia Klymenko
15. UKRAINA - vocal quartet AVE MARIA, Rivne, conductor Myroslava Tolochyk
16. HUNGARY – Hajdúszoboszló CONCERT BAND , Hajdúszoboszló , conductor Imre Kerekes
17. HUNGARY - Béni Egressy Music Secondary School Orchestra, Budapeszt, conductor Tamás Tóth
18. HUNGARY - folk dance group FŐNIX Néptáncegyüttes, Debrecen, manager Törökné Csécs Lenke
19. HUNGARY – folk dance group CSICSERGŐ , Kiskőrös, manager Katalin Horváth

1. USA - ZIELINSKI SINGERS choir , conductor Richard Zieliński
2. RUMUNIA - folkloristic ensemble Pitești School of Arts and Crafts Group, kierownik Gabriela Pendiuc








The organizers reserve the right to change the course of the festival.

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