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The groups qualified to 36th Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions

REPORT of the sitting of the Artistic Council of the XXXVI BYDGOSZCZ  MUSICAL  IMPRESSIONS, Bydgoszcz, 4th July, 2013

The jury consisting of:
Adrianna Poniecka-Piekutowska - chairlady, European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre
dr Markus Detterbeck - Musikhochschule Würzburg,  Frankfurt, Universität Halle
Józef Eliasz - ELJAZZ Jazz Association
dr Stanisława Trebunia-Staszel - Jagiellonian University

after hearing to 18 groups from 8 different countries: Belarus, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and Poland, participating in the contest have decided to award the following statutory prizes.





According to the Artistic Council, the XXXVI BIM is a continuation of magnificent meetings of young musicians from Europe and entire World. The high artistic level of the ensembles that have arrived to the city upon Brda has been highly assessed not only by the artistic milieu but also by the amazing audience that participated in many concerts. We would like to express our gratitude for the manager Joanna Busz – the main organizer of this artistic event and her associates. The conditions provided by the Youth Centre “Pałac Młodzieży” for the presentations of the artistic repertoires of the participants of BIM have contribute to their high performing level. The young artists have exchanged experiences contributing to the promotion of culture and strengthened the generation bond through the various occasions the have been organized for them. We are convinced that the next International Meeting of Young Musicians will present, as usually, new discoveries within the area of the European and world culture.

The groups qualified to 36th Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions

  1. BELARUS - old music group BREVIS
  2. BELARUS - orchestra of national instruments KROPELKI
  4. CZECH REPUBLIC - folkloristic group BYSTRZYCA
  6. CZECH REPUBLIC - folkloristic group BRNĚNSKÝ VALÁŠEK
  7. LITHUANIA - folk dance group NERIS
  8. MEXICO - choir STACCATO
  9. POLAND -  saxophone quartet PSM Sochaczew
  10. POLAND - medieval music group EUTERPE
  11. POLAND - Chamber Old Music Group INCALZANDO
  12. POLAND -  folk dance group ORAWIANIE
  13. RUSSIAN - instrumental group RUSSIAN STYLE
  14. RUSSIAN - vocal group  AMBER
  15. UKRAINE - instrumental group  KALINOVA SOPILKA
  16. UKRAINE - folk dance group  DZHERELTSE
  17. UKRAINE -  ensemble of national instruments TROISTI MUZYKI
  18. UKRAINE - orchestra of national instruments, Kharkiv
  19. UKRAINE - ensemble CHERNOMOROCHKA - participant of International Artistic Camp

Congratulations to all the groups.

Groups from outside EU ought to hold an original invitation together with a full list of participants confirmed by the organizers with a seal and signature in order to apply for visa.
Please bare in mind that there is the electronic registration required in advance in all Polish diplomatic institutions in order to obtain the visas. Please obey the necessary deadlines.
According to the regulations all the participants are to pay pre-payment of 30% of the accreditation fee until 31 May to the bank account number:
PL 07132011172033896320000001
IBAN PL 07132011172033896320000001
Owner: Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Pałacu Młodzieży w Bydgoszczy „PAŁAC”

The lack of the payment results in a disqualification of the group from the festival. In case of resignation after 31 May the pre-payment will not be refunded.

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